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MMMCXIII is a collection of beats that were meant to be part of a project originally set to be released three years ago, March 31, 2013. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, that project never fully came to fruition. With the passing time, I decided to release these beats as an instrumental beat tape project loosely following the original album concept......

The story begins [Prelude - Ignition Sequence] as two young voyagers blast off for their first excursion to the moon, one a hot shot astronaut, the other an enigmatic doctor. Soon the explorers reach orbit of the moon and enters its Sphere of Influence. While in orbit of the lunar landscape, they views the moon's surface for the first time. They begin their descent and land their craft. They survey the barren and desolate landscape as the sun rises and the new day dawns. They prepare for their first moon walk [Down We Go]. After some exploration, the voyagers discover a foreign creature, something never before seen on the moon. As they near, the "men of the moon" turn towards them [Here They Come]. They are spotted by the creatures and hear their banshee like screams in the quiet lunar environment [Quietly Seeking]. The moon men chase the voyagers into and through the underground tunnels [The Chase]. As the voyages escape the moon men, they make a deathly pact [The Lunar Night]. Little did they know, but the voyagers would be separated, the astronaut to return to Earth, the doctor to be condemned to the horrible cold of the lunar night.

Twenty years pass on Earth. The cover up and denial of the moon men discovery prevents further exploration of the moon. That is until the astronaut's son decides to revisit his father's footsteps in hopes to revealing the secrets of the moon and proves his father's stories to be true. When he returns with a small team of new explorers, they discover the doctor is still alive, though he seems to not have aged. While trapped within the lunar tunnels, the doctor has managed to capture and clone the moon men creatures and create robotic alien hybrid he calls the his Companions of a Sort. Unknown at the time, but at the expense of the moon men, the crazed doctor has possibly discovered a fountain of youth, the key to man's immortality. When the astronaut's son realizes this, he questions the doctor's discovery, not challenging immortality, but seeking the scientific truth behind it [Cancer of Men]. With his discovery of the doctor's evil agenda to create immortality at the expense of the moon men, the astronaut's son and his crew attempt an escape [Independence Day], but the doctor turns his companions on them [War Zone]. The team sends a distress signal back to Earth in hopes to call for reinforcements [All But Gone]. As their craft tries to escape the evil doctor's hold and their ship exits the moon's gravity, an anomaly forms in front of them. They are drawn into a space-time vortex created by the doctor [The Roots of Time]. The voyagers find themselves traveling through their own deepest thoughts as they drift deeper into space and disappear. Where did the vortex lead them? What is their final destination? What has become of the evil doctor and the moon men? We may never know... or maybe it's just the Same Old Story.


released March 31, 2016

All tracks produced, sampled, sequenced, and mixed by Po' Safe Beats @ The Library, Saint Louis MO.

Tracks 1, 3, and 11 co-produced by Jillzworth via Scrambled Crates.
Tracks 4, 9, 12, and 14 co-produced by Fletch of the Rhyme Commission.



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Po' Safe Beats Saint Louis, Missouri

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